GEOdyssey, LLC

GEOdyssey, LLC is a limited-liability company originally formed in 1996 to deal with the collecting and creating that began to take over our house. The company name is a combination of "GEO," from our backgrounds in geology and mineral collecting, and "odyssey," defined by Webster as "a long wandering". This company encompasses our many interests including minerals, jewelry, crafts, writing, and traveling--not all of which have yet been fully integrated in company activities. And so, changes and additions to this page in the future will reflect further wanderings and expansion of our interests.

Zelda Bailey and Pat Tucci

About us

Zelda Bailey:

Zelda has a bachelor's degree in geology and a lifelong rock and mineral collecting habit. She handles the business end of GEOdyssey (the dreaded bookkeeping and tax filing), show bookings, and jewelry and craft design and production. Zelda's jewelry has been featured at a number of Colorado shows over the last 15 years including the internationally known Denver Gem and Mineral Show, the Golden Fine Arts Festival, the Denver Gem and Mineral Guild Show, the RAMs Gem and Mineral Show, the nationally acclaimed Rocky Mountain Bead Society Bead Bazaar, the Gardens at Columbine Boutique, Poudre Canyon Craft Fair, Winter Park Craft Fair, and the Pikes Peak Gem and Mineral Show. Zelda also teaches 3 different wire-wrapping classes for small groups of up to 10 people.

Patrick Tucci:

Pat has BA and MS degrees in geology, and handles most of the rock and mineral aspects of GEOdyssey. Pat retired from his job as a hydrogeologist after 31 years with the U.S. Geological Survey in 2007. He is doing limited hydrogeologic consulting, specializing in ground-water hydrology and ground-water modeling as a part of GEOdyssey, and has taught classes in ground-water modeling in Ethiopia and Kenya and written ground-water technical procedures for the US Forest Service. His resume is available on request. Pat published an article in Rock & Gem Magazine (October, 2005 issue) on Ethiopian opals. He also published an article in Rock and Gem Magazine in 1998 about a quartz crystal collecting spot and the Native American legend attached to the outcrop, and is a frequent contributor the the Colorado Mineral Society newsletter. His other interests include music, photography, and travel. He also is responsible for this Web site, so if you have any comments or suggestions about it, let him know.

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